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A Few of our Favorite Foods

Doc Ponds

Eat & Drink & about 1000 records. Created by Eric Warnstedt and William McNeil of Hen of the Wood, Doc Ponds is Stowe's top spot for foodies and beer nerds.


Dr. E.A. Pond told the judge and jury that "lager beer was a powerful diuretic and, taken in large amounts, was cathartic, quite nutritious and non-intoxicating. His closing remarks were that a man may drink 15 to 20 glasses, and aside from feeling a little sleepy or stupid, feel no effects from it; it is carried away before the system has time to absorb alcohol enough to intoxicate.

Prohibition Pig

Hip joint with 20+ craft beers on tap, old-fashioned cocktails & Southern-style small plates & BBQ.


Prohibition Pig has developed its own impressive lineup of tropical, juicy IPAs. Just what you need to cut through the fat of housemade pork cracklins, chopped pork—steeped in Carolina-style BBQ sauce—and maple baked beans.


From the soil under our feet, to what we drink and eat, everything is connected. Zenbarn is a place to enjoy quality food and drink, celebrate, build community and be well.


Our Menu features globally inspired, locally sourced food you can feel good about eating. We work closely with our purveyors to find the most sustainable, ethical and delicious products possible. We also grow some of our produce at our farm.